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Pay-per click marketing packages on popular search and social platforms designed to bring warm, targeted leads to your business.

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The old adage of “if you build it they will come” leaves out the crucial step of awareness. No matter how fantastic your offerings and website are. If people don’t know you exist, leads and sales will be scarce. That’s where digital marketing services come in. Whereas search engine optimization (SEO) is more of a long-term strategy, PPC campaigns can be a highly effective and more immediate means to serious results. That’s because they’ll help both in expanding awareness of your brand and driving actual sales or lead generation. My search engine marketing (SEM) and social media marketing services (SMM) both utilize PPC advertising. It’s a great way to put ads directly in front of highly targeted consumer groups. And, it’s all based on research and hard data.

Rather than a standardized approach to marketing that doesn’t conform to the exact needs of your business, my Denver internet marketing services are built on a fully custom approach that targets warm leads. In other words, I put effective ads in front of people that would find interest in what you offer, not just anybody. When I provide PPC campaign management for my clients, it’s all about results. Reach out today to see how I can help your business succeed.

I believe in a flexible, multi-phase approach to digital marketing.

Planning & Strategy

This is what I’d consider the “due diligence” phase. I’ll make sure we understand your business goals front to back, perform relevant market research and build a digital marketing strategy that I think will work best for you.

Campaign Optimization

Once a campaign is setup and launched, ongoing optimization is key to ultimate success. I lean on analytics to track what’s working, as well as what’s not working, and tweak accordingly. That can mean adjusting audience, messaging, offers or otherwise to achieve the best digital marketing setup possible.

Reporting & Consistency

Reports are an important part of any digital marketing campaign. They work to keep you informed on results and also to build a long-term picture for marketing success and inform consistency across all marketing channels.


Organic marketing methods like grassroots promoting and SEO can take time to develop and succeed. When you’re in need of results fast or are looking to boost your existing growth, sometimes you might want to “pay for exposure” – this is where paid search advertising like Google Ads and Facebook Ads comes in. I offer full-scale pay-per-click packages and PPC management services that look at the bigger picture – do you have a landing page that will actually convert after you’ve paid to get someone there? Which platforms will yield the best results for your offer?

With my digital marketing services, we’ll setup and optimize custom, highly targeted PPC advertising campaigns based on data and research so that I know you’re getting real clicks from relevant leads – and don’t forget, you only pay when someone clicks. Whether you need PPC advertising management for lead generation, product sales conversions or anything in between, I’ll help you “get the most fire out of your wood.”


The digital marketing services sector is full of promises – toss your money here, optimize your website there, and wait for the results. The problem is, while it’s very easy to hop in and setup a paid search campaign, it’s not as easy to do it right. When done wrong, you can burn some serious cash, and wood is the only thing we’re into burning around here. So what’s the trick to effective search engine marketing services?

Search engine marketing, as opposed to search engine optimization, involves actually paying search engines like Google or Bing to place advertisement. Search engines provide powerful means to specifically target who exactly your ads get served to, and where they get seen. So, the trick? Data, research, monitoring and optimization. When I setup a PPC advertising campaign, I do my due diligence to find the best way to optimize the ad set (placement, audience, messaging, budget) for your business offering and goal.


Social media offers an extensive network of engaged users whose interests are typically well defined and expressed. This makes them ideal for businesses to spread brand awareness and build a loyal, engaged following that turns into repeat customers. While pay-per-click social media marketing services can carry a different set of goals than search engine marketing, it’s typically less expensive, even more hyper targeted, and can be more effective depending on the offer and content you’re promoting.

As part of an overall digital marketing service package, or on its own, I’ll help you devise an efficient, custom-tailored social media marketing strategy, utilizing your brand content to reach relevant consumers and achieve your business goals, both through organic reach and paid advertising like Facebook and Instagram ads.


Whether your products or services are business-to-business or business-to-consumer oriented, I offer pay-per-click lead generation campaigns – and we’re not talking cold-call nonsense. Hyper-targeted PPC advertising management services utilizing Google, Facebook, Instagram and/or LinkedIn to connect your business with warm leads that will be easier for you to convert into a client or customer.


Even with a perfectly optimized PPC advertising campaign driving targeted traffic to your website or offering, if the landing page or sales page isn’t optimized to convert that traffic into paying customers then you’ve got a dead fire on your hands. That’s why I always look at the bigger picture before spending budget on advertising – I want you to succeed, and killer sales landing pages are a crucial step on the ladder to success. Whether you work with me on a full-scale digital marketing strategy or you just need help understanding why your existing paid search campaign is failing, I’m here to help you optimize from A to Z.

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