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Supreme Window

Window Manufacturing, Distribution & Installation

Supreme Window was looking for a completely new website design for a few reasons: bring it into the 21st century with modern design aesthetic; create a simple user experience designed to funnel their different customer types into the correct information pages; streamline their quote requests; provide a simple, modern way to showcase their products, projects and stock list; and provide a better experience for their Spanish-speaking clients. That’s where we came in.

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IT Wiring

Professional Legitimacy. Powerful Lead Generation.

IT Wiring, an independent contracting offshoot for Mike Hegdahl, was based around Mike’s decades of experience for which he’d never had a dedicated web presence. Similar to most independent contractor web designs, he needed a website to provide him with professional legitimacy, showcase his deep level of experience and expertise, and generate leads. So, that’s what I delivered.

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Juniper Mountain House

Sleek, comfortable luxury.

The two owners of the small boutique bed and breakfast Juniper Mountain House had just purchased the property and were performing a total rebrand and style overhaul. They wanted a tight mixture of functionality and design to combine ease of booking with a sleek vibe. So, I built them a responsive website that matched the dark, forest moods of their brand while also exuding sleek luxury, all while maintaining an easy user experience around reserving rooms.

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Page 1 Fitness

A home-base for client conversion and retention.

Page 1 Fitness trainer and owner Jake wanted a website to be a home-base for selling and delivering his online-based personal training services. Fitness website design can easily be cookie cutter, so I worked hard to create something fresh and clean that matched his existing brand personality while also nailing the necessary functionality – including integration with his training app.

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RNI Travel

An independent travel agent hub

Isabelle, the owner and travel agent behind France-focused travel agency RNI Travel, had a website that she simply wasn’t happy with. It didn’t have a stand-out look and didn’t offer the functionality and content control that she wanted. So, I built her a beautiful website that didn’t look like the rest and really brought her unique brand vision and personality to life. Digital marketing strategy for a travel agency can be hard, but I worked hard to bring in custom functionality to suit her needs, and performed a comprehensive SEO setup to get the site ready for real growth.

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HQ Asphalt & Concrete

Showcasing reputation and past successes.

High Quality Asphalt and Concrete was in the process of trying to grow in a major way and realized that a website and brand assets were a big piece of that. They needed a responsive website design and brand logo that would showcase their professionalism via past experience, and really drive home their dedication to expert quality, trust and efficiency. I delivered on both fronts, providing them with a brand logo that has become the calling card of their work trucks, and a website that captures their professional expertise.

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UpTone Studios

Capturing a creative community.

Unlike your typical corporate recording studio, UpTone owner Dom wanted a website that really matched his studio vision – a community-focused creative space, rather than a money-driven music mill. So, I spent time really getting to know the story and mission behind UpTone and built a responsive website that locked into that vision.

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