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— About Charlie Harmon – Freelance Denver Web Designer —

So, What is ‘Ember Method’?

Being Denver-based, I spend a lot of time in the mountains adventuring when I’m not hunkered down working on your web presence. As a result, I’ve spent countless hours smiling next to a roaring campfire. From that, I’ve learned that the key to a great campfire is a good base of embers and consistent stoking. Like anything else in life, you have to put the time in at the beginning to build a foundation then take the necessary steps to build on that foundation. With some good embers and some stoking at the right time, a fire will practically burn on it’s own. Like my version of the ‘snowball effect’, the ‘Ember Method’ represents my view of business and, in the same vein, the importance of a strong online presence. I see excellent websites as the embers, and content and marketing strategy as the stoking – ready to build your own business fire?

Who I Am

Hey there! I’m Charlie, the campfire connoisseur, and enthusiastic founder / owner of Ember Method LLC. True to my personality, this photo shows me in my natural habitat – under the stars, next to a campfire, with a guitar in my hands. I cherish a good work-life balance as much as I value excellent customer service, so I like to keep things small and personalized. Ember Method is really just me, with occasional assistance from my trusted network of professionals when projects call for their expertise.

Why I Do

The outdoors and music aren’t the only passions of mine. Since I was very young I’ve had an unquenchable spirit for both technology and entrepreneurship. So, after spending some years working at a startup honing my business knowledge and website skills it was only natural that I combine my interests into a web design practice of my own.

My goal with Ember Method? To fuse my love for awesome websites and online presence with your own entrepreneurial spirit to help you achieve your version of success.

And as to my approach? I truly love people and ideas, and I like to believe I’m one of the easiest guys to get along with that you’ll meet. My goal has always been to combine my technical skills with my natural persona. In short, I want to share in your passion, be a friend and asset to your business and use my skills to accomplish something we can both be truly excited about.

Sound good to you? Then give me a call, or shoot me an email. I’m right on the other side and ready for a conversation.

My Process

As a results-oriented web design freelancer, I’m all about process. Here’s how I do things.

My version of the “Discovery” phase. This is where I start, working closely with you to understand your business goals, your brand and the overall scope of the project. A research-heavy phase, it involves a lot of Q&A and analysis to make sure I have a strong base knowledge to enable a killer execution.

This is the strategy phase. I’ll take the findings gathered in the previous phase and use them to develop a defined strategy for the website build and/or digital marketing. Here’s where we outline the logical milestones and progression for the project and define exactly how and what the execution will entail.

Here’s where we start to “burn the kindling” for the website design or digital marketing project – and by that, I mean lay the foundation of the final execution. I’ll build off the previous strategy phase with things like the initial technical setup, preparing style guidelines, ensuring all assets are approved and ready to go and generally making sure via the foundation that everyone is on the same page and the compass is pointed in the right direction.

This phase is where things really start burning. It’s what I consider the main “execution” phase. At this point all the research, strategy and setup is done and it’s time to “put the big logs on the fire”. This is where projects really get fun and you start to see all the framework actually morph into something real and tangible. This phase doesn’t end until the website is done or the marketing strategy is dialed in. As a result, it’s often a big phase of the project.

I’m based in Colorado, so naturally I love stoke – and especially when it comes to the long-term evolution of a project. This growth-centric phase doesn’t always have a defined end-point. Depending on the project, it involves consistent monitoring, reporting and analytics. This is to ensure the website is continually up-to-date and optimized and the marketing campaign is dialed in. What worked yesterday doesn’t always work tomorrow. This phase is all about my commitment to long-term success and growth.

— “Team” & Trusted Partners —

Ember Method is all about the spirit of collaboration – no one ever got very far by pretending to be the expert of all things, and I believe combined expertise far outweighs a “jack-of-all-trades” mentality. On top of that, my end goal with every project is to achieve real success for my clients. That’s why I’ve spent the time to build a network of trusted professionals around myself – a perfect storm of skilled people that hold expertise in adjacent services that play an important role in online and overall business success.?

Charlie Harmon

Charlie Harmon

Owner / Founder

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